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Tracking China Post Registered Air Mail, Surface Air Mail in Tracktry

China Post is the official postal service of China. If you bought something from online marketplace like Aliexpress, Wish, GearBest, Banggood, Joom, China Post is most commonly applied to ship your items.
Also, international logistics services of China post include China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus and China EMS.
People all around the world use CN Post for its cost effectivity. Besides CN Post, YunExpress is also popular particularly in Europe.

What’s the format of China Post tracking number?

China Post tracking number is a 13-digit tracking code, usually starts with “R”,”LF”,”C”,”U” and ending with “CN”. For example: RX864895238CN.

  • Starts with “R”,”L”: Registered Air Mail, provide complete tracking record in most countries.
  • Starts with “U”: Surface Mail or Ordinary Mail, only provide half-way tracking results.
  • 11-digit tracking code: Surface Mail or Unregistered Mail, can’t be tracked after it is exported to the destination country. For example: 84155469312.

When can I receive my parcel?

It depends on the destination and which China Post service is chosen. Usually it takes 2-4 weeks from China to most countries.

Who will deliver my local China Post package?

  • Within China, the domestic cnpost package will be delivered only by China Post. You can contact China Post customer support by visiting the nearest postal office or dial 11185 or 11183(China EMS).
  • Out of China, the international China Post packages including epacket, airmail, surface mail, EUB, etc., from China to abroad, packages will be delivered by local postal offices once arrive destination countries.
    For example, USPS will handle the deliveries in the US, while Royal Mail in UK, DHL in Germany, Poste Italiane in Italy…
    That way, you should contact your local postal office and ask when your package will be delivered, or whether you should pick it up on your own.

Is the China Post tracking number traceable via USPS when the parcel arrives in US?

In some cases, Yes!
As members of UPU(Universal Postal Union), the format of China Post and USPS international packages follows the rule of UPU tracking numbers, which is S10(UPU standard).
Thus under this circumstance, your package from China to US, shipped by China Post and USPS, is traceable in both countries with the same tracking number.

What is UPU standard(S10) format?

UPU S10 includes 13 digits which looks like XX 000 000 000 XX.

  • The first 2 digits are alphabetic characters, standing for what kind of logistic service it is.
  • The following 9 numeric characters are generated based on a fixed calculating mechanism.
  • The last 2 alphabetic characters refer to its origin country i.e. where this package starts its journey.

Where is my China Post package? What does the tracking information mean?

Package Status

已离开【广州】 ,下一站处理中心 → Departed from【Guangzhou】, in transit to next facility
离开/已离开 → Departed
下一站 → in transit to
【】已封发 → Dispatched by 【】
【】已收寄 → Accepted at 【】/picked up/collected, 【】 in possesion of item
【】邮政局已妥投 →【】post office, delivered
已到达目的国 → arrived at destination country
送交至目的国海关 → arrived at customs of destination country
物流订单已创建 → order generated/Shipping Label Created
物流订单已创建单号 → order generated/Shipping Label Created
已妥投 → Deliverd
到达【】→ Arrived at 【】
启运 → in transit to next facility
已开拆 → opened/unpacked
试投 → Attempted delivery
计划交航 → Attempted delivery to airport
计划交航空公司运输 → Attempted delivery to airport for transportation
计划航班号 → Flight number
计划起飞时间 → Departure time
已交航空公司运输 → Departed from airport
国内经转 → domestic transit
移交海关 → Handed to customs
海关验关 → Held by customs
海关放行 → Customs Clearance Processing Complete
目的国海关放行 → Customs Clearance of destination country Processing Complete
送交目的国海关 → Arrived at customs of destination country
正在投递 → out for delivery
正在派件中 → out for delivery
【 处理中心】已出口开拆 → export, unpacked by 【】 facility for sorting
【 处理中心】已出口直封 → export, packed by 【】 facility of original country for sorting
【 处理中心】已出口互封 → export, packed by 【】 facility for sorting
【】处理中心,已进口开拆 → import, unpacked by 【】 inward office of exchange for sorting
【】处理中心,已进口互封 → import, packed by 【】 inward office exchange of office for sorting
【】收寄中心 → 【】 pick-up/drop-off center
【】处理中心 →【】 processing center
直封开拆 → sorting
互封开拆 → sorting
目的国退回 → Returned by destination country
退回 → Returned
地址欠详 → address incomplete
无人领取 → unclaimed
安检退回 → Returned, rejected by security checkpoint
安检 → security check

Location & Service

目的国 → destination country
进口/出口互换局 → inward/outward office of exchange
【】支局 →【】 postal branch
【】邮政支局 →【】 postal branch
【】邮区中心局国际邮件分局 →【】 postal branch for international business
【】航空邮件分局 →【】 airmail branch
分局 → branch
邮政局 → post office
海关 → customs
【】小包大宗收寄处理中心 → 【】 pick-up/drop-off processing center for bulk commodity & package
【】收寄处理中心 → 【】 pick-up/drop-off processing center
分拣中心 → sorting center
小包大宗 → bulk commodity & package
【】邮政速递物流 →【】 Express Mail Service
【】邮政局国际业务局 →【】 international office
【】航站 →【】 airport
【】市国际邮件互换局兼交换站 → 【】 International Office of Exchange
中国邮政集团公司 → China Postal Service
中国邮政集团 → China Post


eBay平台 → eBay
贝邮宝平台 → Paypal
速卖通平台 → AliExpress
Wish邮平台 → Wish
备注 → notes

What does 进口直封/出口直封/进口开拆/进口互封/互封开拆/互封封发 mean?

Before explaining these terms, let me give you a brief introduction about how cross-border international shipping works.
For cross-border international packages, it’ll be transited in batches, not individually. That way, your package will be packed/unpacked and distributed into different batches for transiting. Depending on the origin city of your package, China Post will choose the closest customs to minimize delivery time.

  • 进口/出口
    进口: The origin country of your package is outside China, but the destination country is China.
    出口: The origin country of your package is China, while the destination country is outside China.
  • 直封, to pack directly
    No matter import or export, when post office receive your package, they need to pack it into one batch based on its origin(import) or destination(export) country.
  • 开拆, to be unpack
    When a batch arrives at the customs, it needs to be unpacked into packages.
  • 互封, to be packed with other packages
    Once the batch is unpacked into packages. These packages can easily packed into new different batches again based on its destination cities/provinces.
  • 封发, to be packed and distributed
    These new batches will be distributed into different sorting/processing centers to different cities for further delivery.

Overall, the general process of a China Post package should be 直封, 开拆, 互封, then 封发. When it says 封发(packed and distributed), it means your package is on its way to next center/facility
China Post

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