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    • April 01, 2021

      DHL will charge you an additional handling fee despite already paying for shipping and handling. When the extra handling fee is getting close to half of what the actual item is worth, it truly shows just how scummy DHL actually is. Cost of item including initial shipping $70, additional fee? Customs GST fee of 5% ( $3.50). DHLs "we touched your item again fee" $23.68. Scumbags plain and simple. Going to bet my package will arrived damaged to boot, cause you know, that's what I paid for....

    • March 21, 2021


    • March 21, 2021


    • March 10, 2021

      I payed de express shipment. No shipment received. Its been a month

    • March 10, 2021

      It's been over three weeks... That's just from the time it's said my shipping label has been generated. But there has been no movement. Not had there been any contact from the merchant... I'd love a refund but I have doubts about getting anything but unanswered questions and discount. I won't be buying from them again.

Tracking DHL Express packages, shipments and deliveries

DHL is a leading international logistic company with a global network in over 220 countries around world. DHL express tracking number usually consists of 10 digits. Tracktry will help you track where is your dhl package right now.
DHL is closed related to Deutsche Post, so parcels from China, China Post will hand over the packages to DHL or GDSK usually.

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How long does it take for DHL Express International?

For most major countries, DHL can deliver a package in just 2-4 days. If your package is within Europe, it will be delivered in 2 days.

What time do DHL package usually arrive?

DHL usually deliver from Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.

What does DHL eCommerce mean?

What is DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce is a logistic solution targeted at eCommerce business owners. Supported by DHL, it covers areas including the America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Middle Africa.

What does DHL eCommerce provide?

With DHL eCommerce, you can ship, track and manage both international packages and domestic packages. There are 3 main services included, pick-up, delivery and exchanged solutions.

As one of the biggest logistics companies in the world, DHL has intensive and closer cooperation with many ecommerce platforms & online stores, Banggood, Shopee, ASOS, Lightinthebox, Geekbuying, Zalando, etc.

How to contact DHL eCommerce Customer Service?

DHL eCommerce customer support is only available on working days from 8am to 9pm(EST).
If you’re a DHL eCommerce consumer, please dial in +1 317 554 5191
If you’re a DHL eCommerce business customer, and want to ask questions about scheduling a pick-up/order, getting a quote, checking the status of your package, etc. Please dial in 1.800.805.9306.

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