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DHL Spain Domestic Tracking API

DHL Spain Domestic tracking API and webhook make it easy to integrate DHL Spain Domestic Tracking function into your own project. Support APIs Client Libraries for PHP, Node.js, Java, C#, Python, Ruby, GoLang.

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  • Tracking APIs for 410 couriers
    Integrate tracking API to get fast tracking updates.
  • DHL Spain Domestic Webhook notifications
    Push delivery updates when status of your package changes.
  • Intelligent courier detection
    Auto detect the courier according to tracking number format.
  • Multilingual API call
    Return multilingual tracking information when calling API.

API built for eCommerce developers

Tracktry API allows eCommerce developers in any sizes to add package tracking fuction easily. Use Tracktry API to:

  • Get realtime tracking info of muti-carriers in one integration
  • Provide shipment tracking experience like Amazon
  • Push notifications of package update with webhook
  • Verify delivery exception before it is too late
     "destination_country":"United States",
            Date":"2017-03-08 04:22:00",
            "StatusDescription":"Departed Facility in HONG KONG-HONG KONG",
            "Details":"HONG KONG-HONG KONG
            "Date":"2017-03-06 15:28:00",
            "StatusDescription":"Shipment picked up",
     "lastEvent":"Departed Facility in  HONG KONG-HONG KONG,HONG KONG-HONG KONG,2017-03-08 04:22:00",
     "lastUpdateTime":"2017-03-08 04:22:00"

List of Tracking Status

String Description
pending Pending,New shipments added that are pending to track
notfound Not Found,Item is not found at this moment.
transit Transit,Item has shipped from originating and is en route to its destination
pickup Out for Delivery,Item is out for delivery or arrived at local facility, you may schedule for delivery or pickup
delivered Delivered,The shipment was delivered sucessfully.
undelivered Failed Attempt,Carrier attempted to deliver but failed, and usually leaves a notice and will try to delivery again.
exception Exception,Item might undergo unusual shipping condition, this may due to several reasons, most likely item was returned to sender, customs issue, lost, damaged etc.
expired Expired,Item was in transportation period for a long time still has no delivered results.

DHL Spain Domestic Tracking API Capabilities

Say goodbye to SOAP / XML web services.

Features Tracktry Tracking API
Multi-carrier integration
Automated tracking
Webhook notifications
Courier detection
Standardised tracking data
Technical Support within 1 business day
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