What is a tracking number and where do I put it to track a package?


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    Tracktry April 01 , 2019

    DHL tracking number is also called tracking ID/AWB number, it is usually a 10-digit number given by DHL when you shipped a DHL shipment.
    You can just enter your tracking number in tracktry.com or dhl.com to find where is your package right now.
    1. If your tracking number is similar to RX123456789DE, this is a not a dhl tracking number and the courier is DHL Germany or DHL Global Mail. This is not an express service, it is a postal service which is much cheaper.
    2. Sometimes you can also track your package by entering the reference number.
    3. The order number given by the seller is not a tracking number, it can not be used to track your package.

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