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    • June 20, 2020

      In the morning I called Geniki Tachydromiki to ask whether a parcel with three bottles of wine could be delivered from Greece to the UK. The employee at the call centre, after thoroughly researching the question, said yes, as long as the bottles are appropriately packed. I asked if individual wrapping with bubbles in a box constitutes appropriate packaging, and I was assured that it does, as long as the bottles don’t move in the box. So I took the parcel and drove to the store of Vrilissia.The employee at the store said categorically that Geniki Tachydromiki don’t deliver any alcohol and I should leave. I called again at the call centre (the employee at Vrilissia couldn’t reach them), and they told me and the Vrilissia employee that they do deliver wine in Europe. However, they then asked me to have the bottles wrapped in a special bag of bubbles that they didn’t sell and couldn’t tell me where I could buy, rather than being individually wrapped in bubbles as I had them packed. So after I lost half my day, I left with my job undone and I will never use this company again.

    • July 12, 2019

      Always shipping on time, both time and money saving,