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    • July 17, 2019

      Very slow delivery

    • July 15, 2019

      My package is on the same place in US for nearly six months now...Since 21 st of February awaiting for delivery scan it says on tracking. What is wrong with this company?

    • July 09, 2019

      They are scam they are holding my 750 for days now they are ripping people of money they should be shut down or else the authority knows something about this scammers called USPS

    • July 09, 2019

      I hate this service they they are scam and they rip people of their money they should be shut down and close for good they have been with my 750$ for days now for what scam now in the united States authority that's fucked up we ain't safe no more with all these fucked up scammers

    • July 08, 2019

      My package is in the same place since April 17th, this is unbelievable.. I'm highly upset

    • July 06, 2019

      USPS is a scam. Do not I repeat Do not. Order from these people. Wait till you loose $1000 usd. Biggest scam. They saying package is being processed it's been 21 days. What you processing a freight come on.

    • July 05, 2019

      My pacikage is on the same place for over 7 days when it is going to deliver to me what is wrong the package final destination is Ethiopia .Harar

    • July 03, 2019

      PS the “Rate” button defaults to all stars

    • July 03, 2019

      My package has been sitting in the same place sine 20 June, today is 3 July. I’ve sent emails requesting status and have received no reply. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PLACE! $100.00 lesson learned

    • July 03, 2019

      My package is on the same place during 4 days, when it´s going to deliver me?