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    • May 28, 2020

      Geo do you work for this company? Do you get paid on time? How would you like it if you did the work but never got paid? If you complain, your a whiny cunt.

    • May 15, 2020

      I already did noted that the package must be sent asap, no updates for months, package took 2 whole months to be delivered. Its a medicine which is going to be expired of its inside the box for too long

    • May 08, 2020

      You people are pathetic.

    • March 28, 2020

      где посылка EW005723005US

    • January 09, 2020

      Looks like a bunch of whiny troll cunts reviewing

    • January 08, 2020


    • December 31, 2019

      United states postal guys suck man...if you cannot garantee delivery..close down the damn usps

    • December 31, 2019

      You should be ashamed usps...

    • December 21, 2019

      Ordered 3 weeks ago, paid priority but package still not here! Fuck you USPS!!!!

    • December 19, 2019

      Go call USPS guys.