Tracktry API

API Parameter Description

API Parameter Return List

code Meta.code
type Meta.type
message Meta status description
id A random data generated by Tracktry to identify a tracking
tracking_number Package tracking number
carrier_code Courier code
status Package status
created_at Time a tracking number was added
updated_at Latest time a tracking number was updated
order_create_time Time an order was created
title Product title
order_id Order ID
comment Your remark to a shipment
customer_name Customer name
customer_email Customer email
original_country Origin country name
singed_by Recipient name
lastEvent Latest tracking info
lastUpdateTime Time of latest tracking info
destination_country Destination country name
itemTimeLength Transportation time of a shipment
stayTimeLength Total days no update since the time last tracking info appeared
origin_info Tracking info from origin courier
ItemReceived Time of a first tracking info appeared
ItemDispatched Time of departure from outward office of exchange
DepartfromAirport Time of arrival at airport
ArrivalfromAbroad Time of arrival at destination country
CustomsClearance Time a package was handed over to customs
DestinationArrived Time of arrival at delivery office
weblink Courier official website link
phone Courier phone number
trackinfo Details of package tracking info
Date Time of a specific piece of tracking info
StatusDescription Main contents of a piece of tracking info
Details Location info appeared in a specific piece of tracking info
destination_info Tracking info from destination courier