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    • March 26, 2019

      Maybe this is the best service provider from China to India, I got my parcel on time, thanks.

Tracking Alljoy packages, shipments and deliveries

As an international shipping agents based in China, Allyjoy is dedicated to providing high-end logistic solutions, overseas warehousing and distribution solutions. Especially for emerging market like Turkey, India, Pakistan, the Middle East, etc.

When will I receive my Alljoy packages?

It usually takes 8~10 working days to receive your Alljoy packages.

Destination Country Estimated Delivery Time
Turkey 10~15 working days
India 7~10 working days
Pakistan 7~9 working days
the Middle East 10~15 working days

How to contact Alljoy customer service?

If you have any questions about your Alljoy packages, you can contact them through Facebook: Alljoylogistics or Twitter: Alljoy.


Alljoy Community

  • Uz
    I want to cancel my order, how to contact you?
    • Posted by Uzi
    • April 02 , 2019
    • Tr
      Tracktry Team April 02 , 2019 Helpful 0

      Did you mean you bought something on an online shopping platform like Paytm, but you want to cancel it? If so, you could cancel it directly on where you bought it. Or you can tell your seller and ask for help.

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