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Antilles Post

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Tracking Antilles Post packages, shipments and deliveries

Post Nederlandse Antillen NV, abbreviated PNA, was formed in 1997, with a heritage of the former government postal service.
Mission of Antilles Post is “to generate a growing customer and employees satisfaction in existing and new markets and create wealth and prosperity for our stakeholders by providing customer centered, market driven, continuously improving, lean, qualitative strong and consistently reliable logistic and retail services to our customers”.

What shipping services does Antilles Post provide?

  • Addressed Direct Mail, suitable for people want to build your business, want greater precision in targeting, want to develop and maintain profitable relationships with customers, want measurable results.
  • Aerogramme. air letters to destinations of local which is between islands and international
  • Air Parcels, economical shipping and delivery service at moderate speed shipped to more than 200 destinations worldwide.
  • Book Rate
  • Business Reply Mail
  • Change of address
  • Direct Mail
  • Elitepost
  • Express Services
  • Expresspost

Professional Grade Order Status & Package Tracking