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Tracking ASM/GLS Spain packages, shipments and deliveries.

Founded at the end of 1999, GLS has managed to establish a stable European parcel network in just a few years. Today it covers 41 European countries and seven US states. GLS Spain is the first logistics service provider in Spain that focuses exclusively on standard parcel delivery.

Acquisitions and alliances have been, since then, the events that have marked the history of the company. In many countries, GLS has founded its own companies - often with extensive and strong networks - that have immediately come fully operational.

The Spanish GLS network consists of 30 warehouses and three central hubs in Barcelona and Madrid, and over 460 agencies, 1200 employees, more than 4500 parcelshops and 20 lockers, 2000 delivery vehicles, 360 linehaul vehicles. National parcel shipments using GLS Spain are usually carried out within a standard delivery time of fewer than 24 hours. To serve remote areas and islands, GLS works with partner companies.

Through its hubs in Barcelona and Madrid, the Spanish GLS is closely linked to the dense GLS network throughout Europe. The European center of GLS in Neuenstein, Germany, is located almost in the geographical center of Europe. International parcel shipments from Spain are mainly carried out through the hub. There are also direct services that link regional distribution centers to neighboring states. Over the years, especially in Barcelona, the volume of international shipments through hubs has been increasing. As a result, GLS Spain moved to a larger location in 2013.

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