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Tracking BRT Bartolini packages, shipments and deliveries

BRT Bartolini is the leading express company in Italia, handling distributions of express and parcels worldwide, providing both delivery and logistic services for individuals and companies.

How can I track my BRT parcels?

Customers can track parcels and packages via its official website or Tracktry, entering a tracking number and one click with ease. Also, customers are allowed to schedule a second delivery time and change the delivery address if authorised.

How long does BRT Bartolini take for shipments abroad?

BRT Bartolini partners with EuroExpress for parcels shipped by road and FedEx shipped by air. Delivery time differs according to the country or region. Detailed information is accessible by downloading its pdf file.

How about delivery time of BRT?

Delivery time varies in Italy and abroad, within 2 or 3 days if deliveries abroad while for domestic deliveries are faster. Detailed information of all kind of shipping can be found on BRT website.

What goods insurance can I get with BRT Bartolini?

There are 2 sorts of insurance BRT Bartolini offers that customers can select either of them:

  • AC BASIC: simple & cheap
  • AC PLUS: flexible and customizable

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