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    • December 13, 2022

      Colis envoyé d’Australie le 3 Novembre ( pour ma maman de 85 ans qui vit en Belgique ) 7 jours plus tard, le colis arrive sain et sauf à Bruxelles. ( 10/11 ) Douanes etc… colis arrive à Liege le 28 Novembre… 18 jours après être arrivé en Belgique ( Distance 90 km ) Depuis, le colis a entièrement disparu ? dans la nature ? Tombé du camion ou sous un sapin de Noel quelque part. Ce que je n’arrive pas à comprendre, c’est ce fameux » tracking «  , code barre et signature à la livraison ! Ce sont des services qui sont chers , et on paye pour cette protection. En fait, cela ne sert à rien quand l’article est retiré de la chaîne de distribution ( vol ? Ou autre raison ) la poste belge s’en lave les mains et m’a même souhaité un «  joyeux Noel «  .Service clientèle par excellence. 100 % déçue.

    • October 11, 2022

      No way to recive my order. All was refounded

    • September 01, 2022

      LD270646485BE a encomenda não foi entregue por erro de endereço, o endereço correcto é Quinta da Peça rua das Hortênsias n 25 2670-559 loures

    • June 12, 2022

      This info is as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle. The map is in Chinese even though I, the customer am clearly in Spain. All I see is "classified" - which in English usually means "we can't tell you". Some tracking site... and has not been updated since Thursday morning- it is now Sunday.

    • June 09, 2022

      I wasn't home the day they were to deliver my product, so I don't know if they just didn't get a response or didn't try at all, but when delivery failed they didn't contact me at all (even though they have my information), they didn't attempt a second delivery the next day and they didn't either leave the product on my local postal office for me to pick it up, they just returned it and said it was "wrong adress", when it definitely wasn't (I have been sent multiple other packages to that exact adress), and if it was wrong they should have contacted me, not just returned it, horrible experience, pending a refund

Tracking your Bpost parcels, shipments with tracking number

Bpost runs more than 600 post delivery points, offers addressed and unaddressed mail services, and efficient, high-quality business and administrative communication solutions.

How to recognize the tracking number rules of Bpost?

The following several tracking number rules are commonly used, Bpost also delivers the DHL parcels in Belgium. including:

  1. 18 digits
  2. 24 digits
  3. 13 characters begin with 2 capital letters, follow by 9 figures, and end with “BE”
  4. 21 characters start with 5 capital letters and end with 16 digits
  5. 30 digits
  6. 26 digits
  7. 3 capital letters are followed by 15 or 16 digits

Tracking number Bpost: Bpost tracking numbers?

Both the sender and the recipient can track their shipment using Bpost’s tracking system.
You can follow each step of the process.

Enter your Bpost tracking number in the search bar, and you’re done. You can find this information on your parcel label, on your receipt of payment receipt, on your non-delivery notice, or package order confirmation emails with Bpost.

The formats of Bpost tracking numbers:
Several Bpost tracking codes are used. Here is a list of the most commonly used codes and tracking numbers:

  • 24 characters, all in digits with a start of tracking code of type 3299 or 3232
    example: 3299 2876 1234 9876 4785 3589 8731
  • 18 characters starting with 3232
    example: 3232 1234 5678 9101 23
  • 13 numbers and letters, which always begin with a two-letter code of the type: CD, CE, EE, CZ, and with two other letters at the end of the tracking number.
    example: CD 1234 5678 9 BE
  • 27 characters starting with JJBEA code:
    OEX. JBEA 1234 5678 9101 2345 6789 012

It is good to know that Bpost also delivers DHL parcels in Belgium. At DHL, several bar codes are also used.
DHL tracking numbers always contain between 10 and 30 characters starting with numbers or with the letters JJD, JVGL or JUN

For your registered parcels and follow-ups, you must enter:

  • Either: 30 numbers for all registered mail shipments across the Belgian territory, then the following number starts with 010
    example: 0123 456 7890 1234 5678 9012 45
  • Either: 13 characters for international registered mail items, which have a tracking code all starting with R
    oExample: RA 1234 5678 9 BE

How long will it take to deliver the internaitonal parcel with Bpost?

The standard delivery time is about 15~25 working days, but it also relies on several reasons like volume parcels, remote place or not, public holidays, etc.

Bpost package tracking

BPOST: how does it work?
Bpost is the postal service of Belgium, but to better understand its services, its options, and its operations, answer questions that users ask.

Bpost what is it?

Bpost is the leading Belgian postal service provider: Belgian Post. The group offers services of collection, sorting, sending, and delivery of mail and parcels. It is one of the high-end international partners, and Bpost has developed many partnerships across Europe and the rest of the world.

Today, Bpost divides its postal and parcel business activities as follows:

  • collection and distribution of mail: 40% of Bpost’s business, with the transport of letters, postcards, flyers and advertising documents, newspapers, etc.
  • Packet distribution: 40%. The group also offers logistics and express transport services;
  • The sale of financial products and services: 4%. Bpost manages savings accounts, insurance, loans, etc.
  • other services: 16%, with sales of postal products (mainly postal stamps), provision of document management services, etc.

Bpost mail, letter, and parcels are broken down into 4 types of markets:

  • Belgium: 64%
  • Europe 7%
  • The United States 27%). %
  • Other countries: 2%

What are Bpost’s mailing services?

For shipments in Belgium
Bpost offers you a wide choice of delivery methods to best meet the needs of your consignments and recipients. Thus, you can easily choose a delivery to the address of your choice, in one of our 1,250 collection points, or one of our 125 shipping points.

Not sure which delivery method to use?
You can ask the recipient to choose the most suitable mode and place of delivery via our website. Once you have determined the weight of your parcel and its method of delivery, simply enter the recipient information.
Whatever your choice, Bpost will deliver your package within 24 hours (if it’s a business day). But if, however, you want same-day delivery, you can also contact Bpost’s Sprint service.

For international shipments
Bpost offers home delivery in many destinations via the online shipping service and a global partnership network with large groups of couriers and parcel deliveries around the world.
Finally, you can also add mailing options like:

  • Insurance and signature
  • The confirmation of receipt
  • Payment by recipient

One of the strengths of Bpost is also having the opportunity to ask your recipient to enter his address to avoid mistakes.
With the “Ask the recipient” option, your recipient will indicate their choice on our website. No more errors or endless emails!

How to track your Bpost shipments?

To find your shipment, you can use the reference number or barcode you received from the sender or Bpost. You have received it by text message, e-mail, postal receipt, the note left by the postman in your mailbox, or other means of communication from the sender. Make sure to enter the complete barcode.

To access the tracking of your parcel, the tracking number of Bpost is on the tracking page of the website: https://www.bpost.be/fr/home#
To be able to provide you with detailed information about your shipment in a secure way, Bpost also asks to enter the postal code of the delivery address. For parcels that you return to the sender, you enter the postal code of your original delivery address.

Delivery times of Bpost?

Sending parcels with Bpost worldwide can take between 2 and 10 days, depending on the destination of your shipment.
Besides, Bpost allows you to send parcels up to 30 kg and for a maximum size of 150 cm.


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