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Benin Post

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Tracking Benin Post packages, shipments and deliveries

The Post of Benin SA has specific roles to ensure throughout the country:

  • Collection, routing and distribution of correspondence and merchandise;
  • Collection and transfer of funds;
  • The development of savings, bank money, and postal financial services.
  • Spatial planning through the Postal network;
  • The defense of the State and Public Security, particularly through the fight against cyber crime and the introduction on the national territory of explosive, radioactive or chemical substances or narcotics through the postal network;
  • Combating poverty by enabling the most disadvantaged or those living in the most remote areas to benefit from basic postal and financial services;
  • Reduction of the digital bill by access of the population to new information and communication technologies;
  • The exercise of any activity of general interest entrusted by the State.

How can I reach to Benin Post?

  • (+229) 21 31 79 58
  • Address: Port Road, Cotonou-Benin

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