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    • August 04, 2019

      Really bad it been almost 1 week and they haven't sent my items they almost a week to respond ( send like 10 emails no respond )

    • July 08, 2019

      Would continue to use this service!

Tracking Boxc Logistics packages, shipments and deliveries.

BoxC Logistics, Inc. was a part of Batch 6 of 500 Startups in Mountain View, CA.

BoxC allows shippers and logistics providers access to an open international shipping network that is more reliable than postal carriers and cheaper than express carriers. All pay as you go. Unlike a traditional infrastructure, international shipping is available without the burdens of capacity planning, carrier contracts, partner integration, and fragmented customs clearance and tax requirements.

The open international shipping network is accessible to every shipper and logistics provider through BoxC’s platform. No matter if you’re building a large, complex shipping network, expanding your delivery service area, or needing better international shipping for your packages.

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