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    • December 10, 2022

      Very dissatisfied with your parcel dispatch updates. Seeing apologizes for a delay in delivery, you guys claim you arrived at my address to deliver. Whilst I was home the whole day did not receive any phone call or text

    • December 10, 2022

      Do they deliver on saturdays?

    • December 10, 2022

      Buffalo logistics is just bad especially during December I learnt my lesson never placing any orders during this period I’d stick to ZARA instead imagine paying for a split parcel and a phone case on it’s own at that not the clothes I purchased yoh shein and Buffalo

    • December 10, 2022

      Thank you for a great service. Parcel received before due date once again.

    • December 10, 2022

      The festive season is not an excuse!! All my orders came on time but the first one is stuck for 10 days. How can all of them come but 1 is not moving. That does not make sense.

Buffalo express parcel, shipments and deliveries tracking

Buffalo courier tracking, or Buffalo international logistics tracking, as long as you have the tracking number:

  1. Go to the Buffalo official site and enter Buffalo tracking number
  2. Enter Buffalo tracking number here on this page

What is Buffalo Express, or Buffalo courier?

Buffalo courier is a one-stop logistics company focusing on local logistics from China to South Africa and even the whole Africa, which helps Africa ecommerce.. The logistics services provided include domestic container collection, booking declaration, overseas customs clearance, overseas warehouse and local distribution. Buffalo’s average delivery time is 4 days, and the fastest is 3 days from Shanghai to Johannesburg door-to-door.
Buffalo is headquartered in Shanghai, South Africa’s head office is in Johannesburg, and warehouses in Shanghai, Johannesburg and Shenzhen at the same time.

Buffalo courier services

  • Online Ordering & Sending parcels to the nearest Buffalo Hub
  • Warehouse Collection, includes declaration information check and re-check weight, approve final price
  • Clearance of China & South Africa, custom check in China and customs clearance in South Africa, pay customs duties and vat.
  • Dispatch, door to door delivery with POD

South Africa Customs needs Importer Code from recipient to complete customs clearance

According to South African customs policy, starting from August 9, 2018, the customs clearance process requires the recipient to provide an Importer’s Code (South African Customs Import Code) or ID (South African local identity number) to complete the customs clearance. The ID can only be used 3 times a year, and the total declared amount must not exceed 50,000 rand. After that, it is necessary to use Importer’s Code for customs clearance.

Partners of Buffalo courier

Spree, Standard Bank, BuyTheWay, Neat Freak, Loot.co.za, ShopandShip

Buffalo warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa

Unit 3 106 Loper Avenue, Spartan X2, Kempton Park, 1619.

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