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    • April 27, 2021

      Never got delivered said it did but it didnt and it got signed by someone else i live in a house not a apt or unit in a house just me in a house its not hard to type in on google and find where i live it Shows You the house on street view For someone not to do there job that much and deliver it to the wrong house 1/5 XD o yeah try to call Them got a callback time got did the online chat there to busy for me so time for those reviews on them

    • July 06, 2019

      I'm convinced there are many services of this kind, but few are willing to go one step further towards customer satisfaction, so, thank you

Tracking Canpar Courier packages, shipments and deliveries.

Founded in 1976, our expertise as a parcel delivery specialist comes down to our people. The 1,700 members of the Canpar Express team are dedicated to building solid working relationships with our customers as part of our overriding commitment to service.

Everything Canpar Express does—product development, technological upgrades, customer service—is shaped and tailored to transporting our customers’ parcels efficiently and cost-effectively. 20,000 customers choose Canpar Express for the confidence and convenience of regular pick-ups by a Canpar Express driver who knows the business’ shipping needs

What services does Canpar Express provide?

  • Ground
  • Express
  • International
  • 10AM
  • Saturday
  • Collect
  • Pick Up on Demand
  • Declared Value
  • Return to Shipper
  • Advanced shipping Notification
  • Pre-authorized Payment Plan

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