China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

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    • April 06, 2020

      How to survive without made in china?

    • February 14, 2020

      Excellent website for tracking.

    • January 03, 2020

      ¿Cómo rayos es que mi paquete sigue en China? Lo pedí hace más de un mes atrás

    • January 02, 2020

      I think it's good service

    • December 26, 2019

      How it is supposed to take so long to deliver one thing? Been waiting for more than a month. Ordered a gift for XMAS and now it's pass the XMAS time! Really really horrible service.

Track your China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus packages, shipments with tracking number

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is an economic service of international postal delivery of China Post. It can post something from China, US, Singapore or e-commerce platforms, such as, eBay, Aliexpress, Lazada, Taobao and so on, among which sometimes use dhl express too. And China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus packages’ tracking number has 11 characters is hard to track and trace and its weight can’t exceed 2 KG. But you can enter your tracking number to track the tracking information you want in Tracktry.

How long will it take to deliver the package of China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus?

The standard delivery time is about 20~60 working days and it needs even 90 working days if the package is sent to the remote place.

What is the international surface mail of China Post?

International surface mail package’s weight can’t exceed 2 Kg, and it can’t provide the service of tracking, which would be delivered through 20~60 working days.

What is the international registered air mail in China post?

International registered air mail is a money-saving package delivery model, which can be tracked and traced with the tracking number of 13 characters. It takes about 14~30 working days to deliver to the recipient.

Some description of China Post’ package tracking status

  • Processed Through Facility
  • The item accepted from the sender
  • Posting/Collection
  • Final delivery
  • Acceptance
  • 计划交航—(Plan flight; Plan to pay for the flight )
  • 已出口互封—(for example Guangzhou office of exchange, has been exported mutual seal, domestic transit)

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