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    • July 04, 2019

      Really fast delivery and strong package, got my new tech product with fair price extra gift. This is SERVICE.

Tracking Chronopost packages, shipments and deliveries

Chronopost is a member of the La Poste group, provides express shipping and delivery service both domestically (in France) and internationally.

Domestic services comprise mostly next-day services, with some variation depending on the exact delivery locations, for packages and documents weighing up to 30 kilograms (66 lb).

International services vary much more by location, due to the increased distance between origin and destination and lack of a substantial distribution system at the destination. As is the case with domestic shipments, most services provide delivery for items weighing no more than 30 kg.

The Chrono Mission product line, available for both domestic and international shipments, provides for the delivery of items weighing up to 1.4 tonnes (3080 lb) and up to 14 m3 (490 ft³) in size.

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