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    • March 16, 2021

      the worst track record as i have worked there. injured on duty resulting in occupational lung decease due to unmarked chemicals being transported. goods and being dismissed as numerous emails were sent to there H.R Lapdog are couriered with human blood, organs and deceased remains. so when purchasing online and goods being delivered from a BBBEE-company that only has two non white manages BARE IN MND THAT YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER USES A COMPANY THAT IF NEED BE WILL TRANSPORT CONTAGENTS ALONG WITH YOUR GOODS . i HAVE ALSO KNOWN THAT THIS COMPANY USES LIES AND MUNILATION WHEN DELIVERIES ARE LATE I.E DURBAN OVERNIGHT IS DRIVEN DOWN AND VICE VERSA ,They scripted on what to tell clients.

    • March 12, 2021

      I have never been so unhappy with courier service in my life as with this complany. They are inefficient and do not deliver a professional service at all. After waiting a week for a parcel, I received notification that they tried three times to deliver the parcel. I was at the delivery address throughout the day and contactable by phone throughout this period too. I received no telephone call and I actually doubt anyone actually tried to deliver this parcel! After calling in at the depot in East London, I was told that it was ready to be sent back to the supplier.I very kindly told them the story and the lady promised it woudl be sent out and delivered to me the next day. I called the next day to check in with them and it is still sitting in the holding cage, ready to be sent back to the supplier. I was promised again that it woudl be sent out with the next truck on Monday. How can I trust these empty promises! It had better be out for delivery on the next truck or I will take this further. VERY UNHAPPY AND VERY ANNOYED!

    • December 23, 2020

      I am still awaiting a parcel which was ordered weeks ago. I've sat on the customer service line for more than 30mins without an answer. When i phoned them after not receiving my parcel 2 weeks after the delivery date, they said it was rerouted to Johannesburg- they don't know where it is. Then they promised it would be delivered the next day. Then the next day came and went and I phoned again. Then they promised it would be delivered the next...and the next and the next. Worst courier company I've ever dealt with. At least the others respond to emails and pick up the phone. And they actually deliver your package. They've ruined my Christmas. After doing my shopping super early (a month ahead), I won't have presents for my family this year.

    • July 12, 2019

      Good services but what happeds to their official site??

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