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Portugal CTT

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Tracking CTT Expresso parcels, shipments and deliveries.

CTT is an abbreviation for its former name Correios, Telegrafos e Telefones. History of Postal Services of Portugal can date back to 1520, which was named Public Post Office by King Manuel I. Since then, it had served Portuguese for centuries despite name and logo changes for a couple of times.
CTT Portugal has a great impact in Portugal thus a sense of mission aroses and CTT is keen to provide beter and better communications and logistics services.

How can I contact CTT Portugal?

  • CTT Portugal hotline: +351211 949 182
  • Official site: http://www.ctt.pt/

    What sorts of informations can customer access via CTT Customer Service?

    Questions related to subjects below are most frequently asked by CTT Portugal customers. They are:
  • Postcodes of Portugal
  • Tracking CTT parcels and shipments
  • Shipping services that CTT Expresso provides
  • Documentation and prohibition of Custom Clearance

CTT tracking

Portugal CTT Community

  • Ma
    Why the status keep saying Oops?
    • Posted by Mario
    • June 28 , 2019
    • Tr
      Tracktry Team June 28 , 2019 Helpful 0

      Hi sir, in this case, you need to check if your tracking number's correct first. If so, contact your sender to confirm that your did have been shipped; then find out what kind of shipping service is employed, such as registered mail and surface mail, etc.

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