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    • June 12, 2020

      Scam company, run

    • June 10, 2020

      Fucking trash company! shit customer service! they don't stand behind delivery time, never refunding your money. they ship everything in trashbags without protection even a fucking glass. morons.

    • May 21, 2020

      This is a fucking scam company. What everyone else posting a 1 star review below me said is 100% accurate. The short of it is that I paid for something that never arrived, and I'll never buy anything online that's shipped by the scammers ever again.

    • May 16, 2020

      Still have not received my package. Tracking number shows its never been received by the shipper. This company is a joke.

    • May 14, 2020

      ordered month ago still have nothing, lousy company to deal with. they have come up with all kinds of reasons. now i am going to be out over #30.00.. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracking DHL ECommerce packages, shipments with tracking number

Covering over 200 countries, DHL ECommerce is a shipping company provides logistics and express delivery service, international mail service for sellers and buyers.

DHL Group

DHL International Express, DHL Paket, DHL eCommerce, Deutsche Post, DHL Parcel Netherlands, DHL Poland Domestic, DHL Soain Domestic, DHL Benelux, DHL Global Mail Asia, DHL Hong Kong.

When can I know the tracking info after I played the order?

You can know your package’s tracking info about 1~2 working days after it has been processed in DHL ECommerce facility.

How long can I receive my international package with DHL ECommerce?

International Shipping Service Maximum Weight The Standard Delivery Time
DHL Packet International 4.4 lbs 4-8 working days
DHL Parcel International Standard 44 lbs 4-8 working days(Europe) 8-14 working days(Rest of world)
DHL Parcel International Direct 44 lbs 3-10 working days

If you want to know more about DHL ECommerce international package, please click here

When can I receive my domestic parcel with DHL ECommerce?

  1. DHL Smart Mail Parcel
    It will take about 2-8 working days to deliver to the recipient.

  2. DHL Smart Mail Parcel Plus
    You can receive your package through 2-8 business days.

  3. DHL Smart Mail Parcel Return
    It will take 3-8 working days to return.

Contact DHL ECommerce

  1. United States
    Contact us: +1 317-554-5191

  2. Australia
    Contact us: +61 1 800 77 2809

  3. Austria
    Contact us: +43 1 253 53 55

  4. Canada
    Contact us: +1 317-554-5191

  5. Chile
    Contact us: 600 830 1760

  6. China
    Contact us:
    +86 10800 600 0143 (North - domestic)
    +86 10800 260 0727 (South - domestic)

  7. Hong Kong
    Contact us: +852 800 960 558

  8. United Kingdom
    Contact us: +44 (0)3330037703

  9. Singapore
    Contact us: 800 601 1470 (domestic)

  10. Russia
    Contact us:
    +7 495 984-30-85 (Moscow)
    +7 800 100-30-85 (Other)

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