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    • November 26, 2020

      My package was due for delivery yesterday but there has been no update and in transit for over 11 days now.... EQKME1121248968YQ

    • July 25, 2020

      Iam very confused about the Tracking-History - specially of the Transit-way...! Parcel was sent from China to Germany; starts in Shanghai, arrived and departed from several stations in Shanghai, From Shanghai to HongKong, From HongKong to London,UK, then from London ,UK back to California,USA ... WTF ?! The parcel were sent over the world , My Parcel flyes over Europe -over the destination Country Germany to UK, then back to USA - again close next to China...?! Why my parcel wasnt sent directly from China to USA ?! iam very confused and cannot understand this at all.... the Parcel-delivery costs money, and i paid actually just 2,70€ for shipping... how that can be possible ?! My parcel doesnt arrived to me yet - its still on transit but honestly iam interrested, where my parcel will arrived next... and when...?! here is the tracking history : 24 07 2020 09:56 am The item has arrived in the country of destination,International Hub, Long Beach, Gardena, Compton, Los Angeles, California, United States Of America 16 07 2020 06:35 am Released from customs,London 15 07 2020 18:15 pm Arrived at LHR airport,London 09 07 2020 17:12 pm Departed from HKG airport,Hongkong 09 07 2020 13:16 pm Arrived at HKG airport,Hongkong 06 07 2020 09:55 am Departed from Equick operation center,Shanghai 06 07 2020 09:00 am Arrived at Equick operation center,Shanghai 06 07 2020 08:31 am Departed from Original Depot,Shanghai 05 07 2020 23:31 pm Arrived at SHA Depot,Shanghai 05 07 2020 14:36 pm Picked up from shipper,Shanghai 04 07 2020 16:32 pm Shipping Label Created,China

    • March 27, 2019

      I have used it several times. The services each time it offers are great. the staffs are enthusiastic and friendly. I like to chat with them. It also delivers the packages fast. I will continue to use it.

Tracking your Equick China shipments, packages with tracking number

Set up in Beijing, China in 2009, Equick China provides international air mail service, express package delivery service, and e-commerce supply chain service for e-commerce sellers or platforms, such as Aliexpress, JD.com, eBay, Amazon. Its low-cost express products help e-commerce sellers develop more businesses.

How long will it take to deliver packages to the recipient with different kinds of Equick China international shipping service?

Shipping Service The Standard Delivery Time
Equick China-USA express service 8-11 working days
Equick China-Australia express service 5-10 working days
Equick China-New Zealand express service 5-10 working days
Equick express small package 7-12 working days
Equick promotion special line 6-11 working days
Equick express special line 7-12 working days
Equick express package partial tracking 6-18 working days

Contact Equick China

  1. Bejing, China
    number: 010-61654416/(86 10)61654416

  2. Hangzhou, China
    number: 0571-86150675

  3. Shenzhen, China
    number: 0755-86956205/(86 755)86956206

  4. Yiwu, China
    number: 400-706-6078

  5. Suzhou, China
    number: 0512-69165489

  6. Shanghai, China
    number: (86 21)34305258/021-34305258

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