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Track your EUB packages, shipments with tracking number

EUB is a shipping service provided by China EMS, which can be called “ePacket”. It can provide the domestic packages mail service and international small packages delivery service for e-commerce enterprises. And It was launched for the eBay customers based in the USA, but now it can also post parcels from Aliexpress, Taobao, Banggood, Wish, Amazon. Generally, EUB tracking number’s format is made of 13 characters that start with 2 capital letters, followed by 9 figures and end with “CN“.

How long can I receive my international small packages with EUB?

The international small packages’ weight can’t exceed 2 KG.

Destination The Standard Delivery Time
Mexico 15~25 working days
Brazil 20~30 working days
Vietnam 5~9 working days
Russia 7~15 working days
Ukraine 7~15 working days
Daubia Arabia 7~15 working days
other supported countries 7~10 working days

How much should I cost to post package via EUB?

Destination The Standard Postage(RMB/Kilogram)
Ireland 65
Austria 60
Australia 60
Brazil 80
Belgium 60
Poland 60
Denmark 60
Germany 60
United States 64
Mexico 85
New Zealand 70
Hong Kong 20~30


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