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EUB tracking, how do I track an ePacket package in the US and other countries?

EUB, also called eYoubao and e邮宝 in Chinese, tracking from China, or ePacket tracking in US, since ePacket is a China Post EMS product, you can go to eub tracking website (in English), enter tracking number or track it here via Tracktry’s tracking box, tracking epacket delivery from Hong kong or anywhere.

When an ePacket is shipped to the US, epacket tracking is availble through USPS, or US Postal Service network. However, sometimes only updates of destination country, here is US, are displayed on USPS official site.
Chinese ciities like Suzhou and Shenzhen own prosperous ecommerce business, you may see suzhou-eub tracking or sz-eub tracking.

ePacket tracking number rules are same as China Post tracking numbers, made of 13 characters, which starts with 2 capital letters, followed by 9 figures and ended with “CN“, meaning from China.

What is EUB? Or what is an ePacket from China?

EUB, ePacket or Eyoubao, is an economical international courier service launched by China Post Express Logistics to meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce light and small item delivery. It employs the postal channel customs clearance and cooperative postal small packet network to deliver. The weight of a single piece is 2 kg, and the main road reference time limit is 7-10 working days generally.

How long does it take for an ePacket from China to be delivered?

The international small packages’ weight can’t exceed 2 KG.
To U.S. : 7-10 working days usually.

Destination The Standard Delivery Time
Mexico 15~25 working days
Brazil 20~30 working days
Vietnam 5~9 working days
Russia 7~15 working days
Ukraine 7~15 working days
Daubia Arabia 7~15 working days
other supported countries 7~10 working days

What is ePacket shipping on AliExpress?

ePacket is one of the most popular shipping method employed by sellers on AliExpress with competitive price and quite good delivery time, which most are 10-15 working days.

Who delivers ePacket?

Usually it’s native postal office when an ePacket arrives destination country ans sometimes another shipping carrier.

What if ePacket tracking not working and not updating?

Firstly check whether the epacket tracking number is correct.
Secondly, the package status might haven’t been updated, you can retrack it the next day.
Finally, contact the seller.

Does ePacket deliver to my door?

It depends. If local postal office provides door delivery, then yes.

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