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    • June 29, 2019

      Almot 20 days I couldn't receive my cheque book from you what is this

    • April 08, 2019

      The delivery man gave me the third delivery, I was so appreciated,

Tracking your Fetchr packages, shipments with tracking number

Fetchr is a company that provides the domestic and international courier service in the Middle East, it always keeps the mission of making shipping a delightful experience for individuals and businesses.

How long will it take to deliver my package via Fetchr?

  1. Standard service
    You can receive your domestic package on the next working day.

  2. Fetchr NOW service
    The standard delivery time is about 5~20 working days.

Contact Fetchr

  1. UAE
    Contact us: +971-4801-8100
    App Support: +971-4801-8126

  2. Saudi Arabia
    Contact us: +966-112049100

  3. Egypt
    Contact us: +20-2259-91000 or +20-2259-91100

  4. Bahrain
    Contact us +973-77388812

  5. Shenzhen, China
    Contact us:+861052596931


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