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Tracking Fiji Post packages, shipments and deliveries.

The Cakobau Postal Act prepared and guided those who were to play a pioneering role in the operation and development of postal services in Fiji. Until 1989, Fiji’s postal operations were a division of a government department called the Department of Posts and Telecommunications. Subsequently, the department became corporatised in 1990 and from this first year of corporatisation to 30 June 1996, Fiji Posts and Telecommunications was restructured three times. On 30 June 1996, the inevitable separation of Post and Telecommunications was formalized. Two new entities rose in its stead - Post Fiji Ltd and Telecom Fiji Ltd.

What postal services does Fiji Post provide?

  • Door-to -door mail delivery
  • AdPost
  • Mail Management
  • Business Reply Post
  • Messenger Post
  • Jet Pack
  • Excess Baggage
  • Local Sea Freight
  • Ordinary Letters
  • Registered Post
  • Fax Post
  • Prepaid Post Envelopes
  • Letter Boxes
  • Parcel Post
  • Local/International Fast Post

Professional Grade Order Status & Package Tracking