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    • September 05, 2022

      The worst courier company on the market! Although I was at home all the time, I found out that the package has been delivered from the email. The courier didn't even think to check if anyone was home.

    • August 08, 2022

      It's ridiculous, every single time I have missing items. Evri/Hermes . I have ordered my items in two separate orders but this doesn't help. Evri/Hermes once again managed to steal my item . By sending me picture (proof ofdelivery) of both of my items and then steal one of them .....

    • July 01, 2022

      Have been waiting all week but nothing has arrived. Ebay should definitely ban Evri / Hermes. "Unable to get within Geofence". What does this even mean?

    • June 30, 2022

      It’s about time EBay banned sellers from using this company or at least make seller put on listing they use Evri so people can choose alternative sellers.

    • May 14, 2022

      These are the worst delivery service about left my parcel on a wall in a public alleyway total idiots who deliver wouldn't trust them again

Tracking Hermesworld packages, shipments and deliveries

Hermes operates all along the retail value chain, supplying comprehensive logistical services to meet global demands. It is one of the leading provders of delivery services to private customers in Europe, including the UK and 23 European countries.

What services does Hermesworld offer?

1.Sourcing & Product
Quality Consulting
Product Testing
Product Certification

2.Transport Logistics
Supply Chain Solutions

3.Full-Service Ecommerce
International Market Entry

Parcel Delivery
Parcel Delivery in Europe

Contact Information

Local Phone Number: +44 844 543 7000
Email: [email protected]


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