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    • August 05, 2020

      Very bad service ...In April 2019 I sent a parcel from Kupang to Paris France ...No news so I sent a first complaint in August 2019 . They found that the parcel was blocked in Jakarta and the excuse was that there were no receiver address what was a lie otherwise they will not accept in Kupang post office !!! I gave again the right address and since that date no news about the parcel even if I sent complaint every month ...Now I just want to be paid back of the value of the parcel and the service which was really bad answer too and now because of Covid nobody answer on phone ...So no hope to solve my problem I ADVICE NOT TO USE THIS SERVICE VERY BAD AND ROBBERY

    • May 27, 2020

      Absolute garbage company. I sent my bag in December from Indonesia to Australia, it doesn’t arrive - they tell me they are “investigating and will get back to me shortly.” It’s now February and still nothing so I email them and still they are “investigating and please be patient.” I then get a random person from Mexico contacting me through Instagram saying that the bag was delivered to them! Yes Mexico! I tell indopos and they say they are still “investigating” I demand they pay for the return of my bag or give me a refund. It’s now May and my emails are ignored and no response whatsoever!

    • December 20, 2019

      Agree. @Michael Murray

    • December 18, 2019

      Sometimes I have a feeling that people who praise Indonesia Post in their comments are themselves or paid trolls. Nobody has a good experience with Indonesia Post. The delivery time takes ages and ages if you're lucky. They hold the parcels weeks at their customs, people are unable to track their parcels and in a lot of cases they never get their parcels. Reason? Well, we would like to know either what's going there. Maybe you won't believe it but even China, Australia, Sri Lanka are super speed compare to them. If you read honest reviews from real people you'll learn that some of the sellers had to re-post their goods 2 or 3 times because people who used Indonesia Post never got it, they just received a message from them that their item is lost and they need to contact the seller. Oh yeah, that good they are. So don't try to fool people how Indonesia Post is excellent.

    • August 08, 2019

      Im from Perth Australia. When Im Holiday in Bali, I bought a souvenir for my family in Malaysia . So, Im thinking to surprise them by sending the parcel from Indonesian post at Denpasar . Unfortunately their service disappoints me. The parcel was arriving back to me in Perth, Australia. How funny is that can happen. The Indonesian post cant read it properly between a sender or receiver. That parcel supposedly arrived to my family in Malaysia, not me as a sender. They are so stupid because cant read it. The cost to send the parcel wasn’t cheap. Cost me 100,000 rupiah/$10.00. Now the parcel was returned to me back, and I have to send again from Australia and another cost on top of me. Very bad service and would I get a refund from them? Surely not. Shame on you Indonesian Post !!

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Has a very wide network of up to 4,800 online post offices. Number of service points (Point of Sales) reaching 58,700 points in the form of a post office, Agenpos, Mobile Postal Service, and others. Indonesian post have a dedicated network, reliable distribution system, Track and Trace, excellent service, speed, accuracy, and competitive prices. The post office is a strategic place for sales transactions, and / or distribution of goods and services.

What services does Indonesia Post provide?

  • Courier: Pos Express, Pos Kilar Khusus, Eonomic Jumbo Post, Standard Service
  • International: Priority including EMS, Pos Eksport, Paket Pos Cepat International and e-Packer; Standard including International Air Mail & International Surface Parcel
  • Logistics: Cargo, Warehouse, Freight Forwarding

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    Email: [email protected]

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