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Tracking your La Poste parcels, shipment with tracking number

Established in 1991, La Poste focuses on the letter and parcel delivery service, logistics service, and financial service which has 17000 post points to deliver. Besides, it runs over more than 200 subsidiaries in the world nowadays and ranked 434 in the “Fortune” 500 rankings in the world in 2018.

What should I do if my parcel was destroyed?

  1. You can refuse to pick up your parcel when delivering and return it to the sender.
  2. You can claim from the carrier if your parcel was found to be opened and damaged.

What can I do if I lost my tracking number?

You can’t track where your parcel is if having no tracking number.

  1. You can try to find the tracking number from the barcode or the invoice.

  2. You should ask the seller or the carrier for help directly by providing some personal information (for example, phone number, ID card number)about yourself to find the tracking number.

What is La Poste?

La Poste is the French national postal service. It is one of the best postal networks in the world, and La Poste offers a variety of diverse and specific services for each type of shipment, whether it is a parcel or a mail sent on the national territory, or a mailing to the ‘international.

In France, you will see their yellow mailboxes La Poste, which distinctive and is found in all cities and towns (there are 125,000 in France), and their delivery vans (they also yellow) everywhere you go. It is thanks to the size of their structure, their presence throughout France, and thanks to agreements with the other best courier services around the world that we can explain why La Poste is one of the most efficient postal services in the world!

In addition to its postal activity, La Poste also manages a banking business. Thus, a large number of bank accounts are held at La Poste, because the services are among the best in the market, and La Poste has a strong presence throughout the country, more than other banking services available in France.

What are the postal services of La Poste?

For all your mailings and classic letters on the national territory, the stamps are available in the post offices and tobaccos. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the mail and its destination

Rates for a standard letter in national mailing

  • Letters weighing up to 3 kg are accepted for shipping by La Poste in France.
  • Prices range from 0.88 € to 8.60 €

International letter rates

  • Prices are established by geographical area for international letters with a maximum thickness of 3 cm and a weight of 2 kg
  • Prices range from 1.30 € to 18.20 €

For La Poste package shipments and EMS

Sending your couriers and parcels using La Poste services in France or abroad is done with the services of Colissimo or Chronopost.

Chronopost is, in fact, an express service, the EMS of La Poste, and Chronopost has a partnership and a position of partner with La Poste; thus, Chronopost is in charge of sending parcels and letters in express directly within La Poste offices or even online.

Chronopost is an express service that is widely used by French companies and for commercial activities, because of its speed and efficient monitoring. Still, we also see more and more individuals who use Chronopost services for their routing, even if the rates are higher than those of Colissimo.
Colissimo and Chronopost, of course, offer an international service.

What are the postage rates for La Poste?

Chronopost prices start at around € 35 for delivery in France and about € 50 for delivery in Europe.
Colissimo is a less expensive service that delivers parcels weighing up to 30 kg and weighing 2 meters long, wide or high. International deliveries are a maximum of 20 kg.

Does the Post Office offer a registered mail service?

A registered and followed delivery service is available for national and international La Poste shipments. The use of registered items is widespread in France, where its use is strongly recommended in litigation and essential correspondence with official bodies.

How to write an address in France?

French postal codes consist of a five-digit number. The first two digits indicate the department number (for example, 85 for the Vendée), and the last three digits indicate the city or community of communes assigned to this number.

In Paris, the last two digits specify the number of the district. If you want to find an online postcode for a French address, you can use the website of La Poste; it is handy:

If you are sending a letter by air, write “By Air” on the envelope, or ask the post office staff for a sticker, and always indicate your address on the back, in case you need to send it back.

Delivery times for La Poste?

The Colissimo service also commits to deliver within 48 hours in France. For international shipments, La Poste uses its international parcel service, and delays are 4 to 9 days, depending on the destination.

How to track your La Poste mailings?

La Poste Tracking: tracking your shipments. To follow your mailings on the La Poste website, go to the pages of the La Poste website which will handle all types of follow-ups:

You need to enter the tracking number or the notice number to locate your package and your shipments.

Tracking number La Poste: La Poste tracking number?

The La Poste tracking numbers, or the notice numbers, are a set of 11 to 15 characters.
The La Poste website, or tracking sites for parcels like, allows you to track and locate your package by simply entering this tracking number.

How to contact La Poste?

The La Poste website contains an instrumental English section that provides information to meet all your mail and parcel delivery needs in France and abroad, and you can even discover their online services and their banking service in more detail on the La Poste website.

What are the La Poste timetables?

Not all post offices open at the same time - in rural areas, for example, post offices can be very small and open for one or two days, or even one or two hours a week!

In general, a classic post office in the city will be open from 9:00 in the morning until 17:00 or 18:00, Monday to Friday, and sometimes on Saturday morning.

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