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    • July 09, 2019

      Satisfied with its delivery service, fast enough for me.

Tracking Linex packages, shipments and deliveries.

The Linex network was established in 1989 when Linehaul Express (HK) Ltd was appointed wholesale General Sales Agent (GSA) for Cathay Pacific Wholesale Courier and since then has been awarded with further exclusive GSAs with Dragonair in 1995 and Air China is 2006. Linex is proud to be one of the largest independent Linehaul networks in the world. We also work closely with many other quality airlines. Our network of wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and agents is available to any company in the transportation industry requiring a top quality neutral express sales and distribution solution.

What products and solutions does Linex provide?

  • Ecommerce
  • Express Services
  • Gateway Logistics

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