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Tracking Magyar Posta packages, shipments and deliveries

Magyar Posta is one of the country’s largest company groups and employers. Magyar Posta Zrt. has approximately 30,000 employees, 2,700 service points, 350 mobile post routes, a fleet of about 3,000 vehicles and an extensive logistics network. Together with its subsidiaries in the Posta Group, Magyar Posta offers its customers a unique service portfolio.

Magyar Posta Tracking number format

• MPL Business Parcel (e.g. PB00010122727)
• Domestic EMS express mail (e.g. BE229803145HU)
• Europe+ parcel (e.g. CP123456785HU)
• MPL Europe Standard (e.g. JJH30AAAAAPL00000001)
• International EMS express mail (e.g. EA004037757HU)
Domestic Letter (RL or EL and a line of numbers):
• Official document
• Registered letter, registered reply mail item
• Advice of delivery registered letter
• Advice of delivery registered reply mail item
• Insured letter, insured reply mail item
• Delivery After Payment letter
• Letter delivered to the addressee only

Magyar Posta FAQ

“Invalid item identifer “ error message is displayed. What could be the reason?
It is possible that the item has not been dispatched yet, or that the item identifying number stated is not correct.

Why can’t I see my international item?
International items can be tracked after they have arrived in the country. If you cannot see your international item in the system, probably it has not arrived in the country yet.
The assigned product identification associated with the foreign site orders, in most cases non-standard postal identifier and therefore does not appear in the tracking. The items bearing such identifier are not registered mail; the IDs are typically derived from the sender’s own system.

Professional Grade Order Status & Package Tracking