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Tracking Maldives Post packages, shipments and deliveries.

Maldives Post Limited is a 100% government owned company with a network of 14 Atoll Post offices and 170 agency post offices across the nation providing access to postal service in all inhibited islands.
Mail represents the core business for Maldives Post. Apart from the traditional mail services rendered, Maldives Post is widely engaged in the provision of financial services and other agency services. Much of our focus has been on improving and expanding the portfolio of our products and services in line with the changing needs of customers so as to form a platform for future growth.

Why is the shipping fee expensive? Any way to reduce it?

When your package reaches our facility in US/China, we will measure and weigh the package to calculate the volumetric and actual weight of the package. As per freight industry practice, the chargeable weight of a package is calculated based on Volumetric or Actual weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight of a package is a calculation that reveals the density of a package. A less dense package generally occupies more volume of space compared to its actual. Volumetric weight = [ length(cm) x breadth(cm) x height(cm) ] / 5,000cm Minimum chargeable weight is 0.5kg and subsequent weight step is 0.1kg thereafter. You can advise your merchant to ensure proper packaging and pack your purchase into the smallest possible box. In addition, you can consolidate your shipping charges by paying them together. As such, a single base charge is billed.

How can I get in touch with Maldives Post?

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