New Caledonia Post

New Caledonia Post

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Tracking New Caledonia Post packages, shipments and deliveries.

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Frequently Asked Questions about New Caledonia Post

  • How long will it take if send a shipment to France?
    It depends on which routing mode you choose. As an indication, the deadline is 7~10 days in priority, 3~4 weeks in eco-air, while 2~3 months by sea.
  • I was asked to provide an invoice, but it is a family package, what should I do?
    For all parcels and at the time of the deposit, the sender must indicate the value and the nature of the goods (not only write “gift” or “family package”) so, the CTP can clear customs, that is to say franchise or tax, depending on the value.
    If the sender is not able to send an invoice or a receipt, then a certificate on the honor of the sender is necessary; this is valid only because it is parcels from individual to particular, all commercial shipments must themselves, include an invoice. Attention: The package is then likely to be opened at the request of the customs for verification.

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