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    • October 05, 2019

      Do not use under any circumstances Do not use under any circumstances. I entrusted an E-bay parcel to PACKLINK, which was not delivered within the time allotted. The recipient rang the carrier who fobbed him off. When it was eventually delivered late the outer wrapping and contents were damaged beyond repair very obviously misused during transit. I recompensed my buyer and proceeded to claim on the insurance. E-bay assisted me by enlarging my buyer's photographs. 17 e-mails later and several photographs later (three different Packlink employees dealt with my complaint) I am out of pocket. Despite complying with every single one of Packlink's requests they refuse to pay out on the insurance. Royal Mail may be more expensive, but I will never entrust anything of value to Packlink again. Please E-bay use a British company we can trust to fulfil their obligations. Until then it will be Royal Mail for me.

    • September 24, 2019

      DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!! I paid for an express service and 24 hours after the order was placed the package still has not been collected. They claimed they tried to collect and I was not in. THIS IS A BLATANT LIE. If they really had attempted collection why did they not call me on the mobile number provided. The truth is they simply could not be bothered to attend. This is now day 2 waiting for collection and nothing! Express service - what an absolute joke. This company should be avoided at all costs unless you want to spend hours being fobbed off. It is impossible to get hold of Packlink or get any updates. It would be quicker and easier to deliver the package myself!

    • September 23, 2019

      truly horrific . have written to CEO of packlink and Hermes. Not even worth trying to retell the fiasco. lets just say they had plenty of notice and ample opportunity to correct the issue but chose to waste time, not relay messages and managed to return to sender (me) a parcel that I had sent 4 weeks previous to a buyer who only went away for the bank holiday weekend-They returned it to my old empty house and I had told them of my new address 2 weeks prior. and not to return anything there.

    • July 10, 2019

      User friendly and cost- effective, my package arrived safe and sound

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