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    • February 25, 2020

      Hello it's been 5 months already may I know if you will deliver my parcel to the receiver parcel NUMBER CP952957644HK PLEASE I NEED AN UPDATE THANK YOU

    • January 03, 2020

      my pakage after 4 weeks i dont know where is dont ever use this company REALLY REALLY BED EXPERIENCE

    • August 04, 2019

      Poste Italiane are worthless pieces of trash. We shipped back by fiance's wedding dress and a purse she bought there, and the criminals cut open the box, stole everything, resealed and sent on to the US. There's a special place in Hell for pieces of crap like you losers. You'll get what you deserve. When we contacted them about this, they just ignored us. #boycottshitholeitaly

    • March 29, 2019

      Hahaha! I thought my porcelain cup had a good trip.

    • March 29, 2019

      I got my baby's milk powder fastly, thanks a lot!

Tracking your Poste Italiane parcels and shipments with tracking number

Set up in 1987, Poste Italiane has run by Italiane government, and focuses on the postal and package delivery service, logistics service and financial service, which has 13800 post points and 150000 employees to make better customers service. Besides, Poste Italiane ranked 304 in the “Fortune” 500 rankings in the world in 2018.

When can I receive my parcels via Poste Italiane?

The delivery time doesn’t include public holidays, Saturday, and Sunday.

  1. The parcel of international ordinary service
    a: The standard delivery time is about 10~15 working-days in the countries of the European Union.

    b: It will take 10~25 working days to deliver in other countries.

  2. The parcel of international express mail service
    It can spend 2~5 working-days in delivering in other countries except for European Union countries.

  3. The parcel or letter of postal mail
    You can receive it through 1~3 working days

  4. The parcel of domestic and ordinary service
    the standard delivery time is within 4 working days.

  5. The parcel of Quick Pack Europe service
    You can receive your parcel within 3 working days if your country is in Europe.

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