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    • July 04, 2019

      The lack of tracking updates from the carrier and the difficulty with reaching customer service are both very troubling. Anyway, the tracking tool worked well

Tracking Maroc Poste packages, shipments and deliveries.

It was in Tangier, in the middle of the 19 th century, that foreign post offices appeared in Morocco. They allowed countries to have a presence in the Kingdom to manage commercial transactions through their postal establishments, which were the keystones of economic, social and cultural development. These foreign postal establishments were subsequently developed in all cities of northern Morocco.
Barid Al-Maghrib (BAM) has historically operated in the field of mail, parcel post and financial services. The Group is also positioned in the field of transport, logistics, as well as in the Electronic Certification and other services of the Digital Post.
La Poste’s financial services business then underwent a major change in 2010 following its transfer to its banking subsidiary, created for this purpose.

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