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Saint Lucia’s postal history dates as far back as 1762, when it shared a Deputy Postmaster General with four other islands. In the years following, war between the French and English saw the disintegration and reestablishment of the postal system in St Lucia more than once.

But by 1850 an operational system was reinstated, with Castries as a branch of the British Post Office. Operations expanded with a daily inland post established between Castries and Soufriere. 1860 marked the inauguration of local control of the post office to St Lucia, with St Lucia’s first postage stamp being issued on 18th December 1860. Fast forward well over a century later, Saint Lucia Postal Service has come a long way and today comprises a network of 46 strategically located post offices covering the length and breadth of the island, with affordable services accessible by the populace. Saint Lucia Postal Service is the main provider of postal services for a population of approximately 170,000 inhabitants within a 238sq mile. It serves as the link between Saint Lucia and countries around the world, with its highest mail exchange between the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. Saint Lucia Postal Service is managed by a team consisting of 176 members.

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