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Tracking Slovenia Post packages, shipments and deliveries.

The Post of Slovenia (Slovene: Pošta Slovenije; PS) is a state-owned company responsible for postal service in Slovenia.

Slovenia Post is a successful company, wholly owned by the Republic of Slovenia. With nearly 5,500 employees, it plays an important role in Slovenian society. Slovenia Post is one of the leading partners for the business enterprise sector. As a universal postal service provider, we guarantee access to postal services in line with statutory requirements. And Slovenia Post also plays a key role in formulating the legal basis for guaranteeing non-discriminatory operating conditions and ensuring the highest quality standards for the postal network and in the universal postal, logistics and other services market.

How to contact Slovenia Post?

  • Tel: 080 1400
  • Phone: 02 449 2000
  • Email: info.@posta.si

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