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    • September 17, 2019

      Says it's in the US but the map shows it's in France.......

    • September 16, 2019

      This is the worst tracking site I've been to. When I try to track a package it tells me the inquire is too fast and to try again later. How about never...

    • September 09, 2019

      If I could do 0 stars I would.. this service should be removed from eBay.

    • August 21, 2019

      THE ABSOLUTE WORST DELIVERY SERVICE EVER I placed an order July 16.. it is now August 21. Everyday this tracking site indicates my package arrived in the United States on whatever is the current day. For example today it just arrived in the United States today. Tomorrow will indicate it arrived on tomorrow’s date. NO MORE TRADE WITH ASIAN VENDORS for me. They seem to have a “ take the money and run” philosophy. I’m probably wasting my time with this review.

    • July 29, 2019

      Today my items should come its pin to Frankfurt

Tracking SpeedPAK packages, shipments and deliveries

Orange Connex(China) Limited is a technology company that is dedicated service global e-commerce industry.

When can I expect my SpeedPAK package? When can I expect eBay order?

SpeedPAK is supported in the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Spain and the rest 41 countries in Europe. It only takes 8~12 business days to have your order delivered.

Why there is no information for my SpeedPAK(eBay) order?

After you ordered your products on eBay, it needs a few days for the seller to pack your item before sending to you. When your item is picked up by the shipping agents, it still needs 1~2 days for the courier to update the tracking information online. If you find no tracking information after ordering the item, you can wait for a few days, then check it again.
If it still has no tracking information after that, you can contact the seller and ask for help.

What can I do if I do not receive my eBay or SpeedPAK order?

If you did not receive your order or can not find any tracking information for more than 15 business days, you can contact

  • your seller (the online store where you bought from) and ask for help
  • SpeedPAK by sending emails or making phone call

SpeedPAK tracking number format

EE/ES + 26 digits or letters

  • EE-SpeedPAK Economy service
    Only tracking information in origin country is supported
  • ES-SpeedPAK Standard service
    Full journey of the tracking information is supported

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

China: 400 126 0008
Hong Kong: +852 30183458
Working Hours(Mon-Sat): 9:00AM ~ 18:00PM (GMT+8)

Address: 7th floor, Building A, 523 Loushanguan Rd, Jinhongqiao International Center, Changning Dist, Shanghai, China


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