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The Syrian Post Establishment was established by virtue of the regulatory decree No. 1936 of 10/7/1975 and contributed effectively to the economic, social and scientific development in the country through its long-standing and necessary services to society.

Today, in a period characterized by rapid pace of globalization and liberalization and the emergence of modern technologies, especially in the world of communications and the application of quality systems and reliance on the principles of marketing and competition, President Dr. Bashar al-Assad issued Law No. 38 on 28/11/2017 to implement the provisions of the “Postal Law” The organization aims to regulate and develop the sector and support the comprehensive service within the framework of the provision of services, and encourage fair competition between the various operators in services that do not fall into the category of exclusivity while ensuring transparency and non-discrimination. Yen operators in the market, and
create the environment to provide the development of the postal sector will contribute valuable promotion of sustainable development.

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