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In 1919, there were only 204 trucks in total in Japan. Yamato Transport Ltd as a company which possessed 4 among those started the business at that time. In the 11th year of starting the business, the first shipping line in Japan had been started. Thanks to the whole delivery network around eastern district, the business had been growing rapidly in just a few years. Under the high-growth period, the full-scale periodic delivery service also showed an explosive growth.

However, a dark shadow had also been stalking. In the middle of 1960, lots of highways were built. Many companies started the long-distance delivery service. However, Yamato Transport Ltd was not aware of the change of the market and they felt behind the others. All the customers were using the service provided by the pioneers when they aware of it. In the meantime, the oil shock occurred in 1973. The prosperity came to an end suddenly and the company was facing a management crisis.

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