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Established in 1919, Yamato Transport is known as a company that provides package delivery service and ta-q-bin service in Japan nowadays.

When can I receive my package with a different kind of ta-q-bin service?

Yamato Japan ta-q-bin services include ta-q-bin, cool ta-q-bin, international ta-q-bin.

  1. Ta-q-bin service
    You can receive your parcel on the next working day.

  2. Cool ta-q-bin service
    Cool ta-q-bin service posts the low-temperature package, and The standard delivery time is 1~4 working days.

  3. International ta-q-bin service
    There are some destinations that your items can be delivered to.

Delivery destination The standard delivery time
Singapore 3-4 business days
Taiwan 2-3 business days
Malaysia 4-5 business days
Japan 3-4 business days
Shanghai 4-5 business days

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