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Track TNT Express Shipments and packages

TNT Express is an international shipping company with a global network in more than 200 countries. Using Tracktry to trace TNT Express from China, USA, India, UK.

How long will it take my TNT international shipment to arrive?

The time it takes goods to be delivered will vary according to the shipment type, the destination and the service selected. Usually it takes 5-6 days to deliver a package from China to US.

Do TNT international shipments have any size and weight restrictions?

All of TNT’s core international services have specific size and weight restrictions.
Further information can be found on TNT Calculating Size and Weight page.

How many digits is TNT tracking number?

TNT has 2 common tracking number format.
The first type is all numbers. Similar to other couriers like GLS, UPS, etc, TNT tracking number is consisted of 9 numbers.
The second type is letters and numbers, similar to UPU standard tracking number format. It starts with 2 letters, then 9 numbers and ends with another 2 letters.

What is TNT consignment number?

The consignment number is similar to the tracking number. It can be used to follow up the updates of your packages. A tracking number can be re-used or expired, but the consignment number won’t. It’s a reference number of your shipment and it’s permanent.

How can I track my waybill number?

Same as other TNT tracking numbers, you can also track your waybill number on Tracktry at any time. No matter what kind of services you’re using, it can be tracked all in one place.

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