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    • November 30, 2022

      Terrible service. No one can help, the delivery was canceled for any reason and now I need to go to the store to get my purchase. I’ll like to give you 0 star

    • November 24, 2022


    • July 25, 2022

      My parcel was redirected to an alternative collection point (locker) as I requested, but when I arrived at the place I realised TOLL never gave me a password. I called TOLL and someone gave me a 4 digit password, which I tried, but for the locker I requested I needed an 8 digit password. I called TOLL again and another staff gave me the same 4 digit password and told me this was e-mailed to me, which was not (including spam box, etc.). I hang up and called a third time, and had the same answer, but this time the person was actually helpful and contacted the manager, instead of saying "that is all I have". It took long 10 minutes waiting on the line, and when the person got back it only gave me the service number and said they do not have any password, and would call me when the password was ready. I followed TOLL guidelines for collection and chose that specific collection point because it was much faster, and I was in a hurry. So waiting for a password was not at all a satisfactory solution. I went home, frustrated, and had the stupid idea of checking other collection points near the locker I chose and for my surprise, my package was delivered in another location. The e-mail I received from TOLL clearly states "7-eleven parcel locker West End Australia", while the address on my parcel is to another store. Conclusion is: I chose one store, TOLL send my parcel to another location, did not inform me, and no one on the telephone bothered to confirm the location I was (which I would never think of doing because I chose 7-eleven and got the e-mail confirmation that my package was at 7-eleven). I managed to get my package without any help from TOLL. No one from the customer service was helpful, and my parcel was directed to a location I did NOT choose. I wonder how long it would take for TOLL to realise my parcel was not at 7-eleven. Mistakes happen but customer service is responsible for making it right - if it is within their reach (and it was). I would never recommend TOLL to anyone. In fact, I have e-mailed the store where I bought my product and recommended that they never use TOLL again because it ruined the experience of receiving a gift for me. Have a nice day.

    • January 11, 2022

      Have not received my parcel

    • September 01, 2021

      TOLL is absolute garbage. Most likely the worst courier service in Australia. If you use Toll you can expect your delivery to be, at best, delivered late or, at worst, lost entirely or never even picked up in the first place. Customer service is also slow and extremely unhelpful. I would not recommend Toll to anyone.

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Toll IPEC is a parcel delivery service in Australia which provides assistance in Road, Local or Priority parcels.

How do I contact tolls?

MyToll Technical Support. Contact Technical Support. 1800 MYTOLL (1800 698 655)
Toll Energy. QLD - Karawatha. (07) 3089 7020
Toll Express. Contact Number. 1300 550 360
Toll IPEC. Customer Service 1300 865 547 Option 5
Toll Mining Services. QLD - Gladstone. (07) 4836 9500
Intermodal & Specialised. Road. 13 18 21. 7am to 5pm AEST
Toll Priority. Contact Australia. 13 15 31, 7am to 10pm AEDT Mon to Fri, 7am to 5pm AEDT Sat and Sun
Toll Shipping. Burnie Terminal. (03) 6441 0000

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