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Winlink logistics

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    • January 25, 2022

      CNB20528460 This is the shipping number and my order is delayed

    • January 02, 2022

      صارلي اكثر من شهرين انتظر طلبي و رجعوا يتصلو علي قبل اسبوعين وللحين يقولون انهم مضيعين بياناتي

    • December 20, 2021

      لحد يطلب ابد طلبت طلبه وجابولي سلك شاحن جلكسي ب305 يلعن ام القهر

    • December 20, 2021

      Bad bad company didnt deliver my parcel ordered it 16 october

    • December 01, 2021

      Where my shipment go now It's been over a month CNB20025848

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  • Open Winlink Logistics official site (or enter Winlink tracking number.
  • Enter Vnlin tracking number and click “track” on top of this page.

Winlink logistics, or Vnlin, is a leading logistics company of Middle East ecommerce, Winlink Logistics Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Winlink Logistics Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Winlink Logistics Riyadh, providing one-stop end-to-end logistics solutions for ecommerce, which are international transport, customs clearance, overseas warehousing, last-mile delivery, COD (cash on delivery), and reverse logistics.

eCommerce logistics solutions, International Express, B2B with FBS or FBA, Middle East overseas warehousing

Destination Estimated Delivery Date
U.A.E. 3-4 working day
Saudi Arabia 4-7 working day
Qatar 4-5 working day
Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait 5-7 working day
  • Winlink Dubai address: Al khabaisi, Deira area, Dubai.
  • Winlink Saudi address: Al-Seli District Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
  • Winlink Qatar address: ZONE 51 AL GHARAFA DOHA QATAR.

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