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    • October 19, 2020

      Service which request additional fee to be payed if you want that they deliver goods to your address never the less that they are payed to deliver goods to address

    • August 24, 2020

      Попалась тоже. Номер LP00404302935675, показывает возврат продавцу. Хотя доставка 31 $.

    • August 20, 2020

      это худшая транспортная компания, я заплатил 25 долларов и ждал 3 месяца, но посылка не пришла, я думал, что у меня только проблемы, но, глядя на комментарии ниже, я вижу, что я не единственный, у кого есть проблемы, заказал второй раз посылка снова остановилась в сортировочном центре, уже 5 дней, думаю, в этот раз больше не придет, не знаю что делать, заказал графический планшет который мне нужен продолжить курсы 2D и 3D art.

    • January 06, 2020

      I did not receive my order I don't understand what should I do. The delivery address I checked a couple of times I faked my post code cuz I thought that it doesn't matter. I thought u will call me and ask where am living? But no one calls. Any website should call the customers to ask about the destructions for my home.

    • November 20, 2019

      Nao consigo rastrear meu pacote porque o aliexpress e o vendedor não me informam qual é o codigo do pacote aqui no Brasil. Eles so oferecem estes codigos 300960530893 ( LP00140261026511) e eles não são validos no pais. Segundo o rastreio o pacote não me foi entregue por endereço insuficiente, e o aliexpress não me reembolsa porque diz que devo buscar o pacote no correio. Mas sem o codigo no Brasil não consigo localizar o pacote. Voce pode me informar o codigo desta encomenda no Brasil

    • November 12, 2019

      Ordered a part for my car on 31st October. Seller shipped it next day. This small parcel sat in their warehouse from the 1st to the 5th when they said it was received by the inhaul operator (maybe the airline?). I doubt it, because it is supposed to be delivered but I think the airline was just notified and it was never sent.. It has not been tagged as leaving China (13 days after order!). DHL who will be delivery in Australia has no knowledge of this delivery at all. I raised a dispute, and was told it would come and I will have to wait another 10 days before I can raise a dispute. I paid $25 extra to get a small parcel delivered and they treat this as a normal sea freight order. I have had to order another part using a different vendor. Aliexpress may be ok if everything goes ok, but otherwise you are on your own. I can see no reason to use Aliexpress PREMIUM shipping again

    • March 27, 2019

      Goods received were exactly what i want. Good shopping experience.