AliExpress Premium Shipping

AliExpress Premium Shipping

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Tracking Aliexpress Premium Shipping packages, shipments with tracking number

Aliexpress Premium Shipping is a shipping service provided by Aliexpress or Global Cainiao Logistics, it has the advantages of smooth transportation, fast shipping time and high-quality carriers. You can track your packages from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK, Germany through Aliexpress Premium Shipping service.

How long will it take to deliver through Aliexpress Premium Shipping?

You can receive your item through 2-5 weeks in major cities.

How long can I receive my package via AliExpress Standard Shipping services except for Aliexpress Premium Shipping?

Aliexpress Standard Shipping Service Weight Limits The Standard Delivery Time
Cainiao Super Economy 2KG 25-55 working days
Cainiao Expedited Economy 2KG 25-35 working days
Cainiao Super Economy for Special Goods 2KG 35-55 working days
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus 2KG 20-90 working days
AliExpress Saver Shipping 2KG 15-40 working days
AliExpress PUDO Shipping 2KG 15-20 working days
Cainiao-Yanwen Economic Air Mail 2KG 16-35 working days
Cainiao-SunYou Economic Air Mail 2KG 15-60 working days

Aliexpress Premium Shipping

Professional Grade Order Status & Package Tracking