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    • November 23, 2020

      I ordered a product in the end of August that was meant to be shipped from Hong Kong. I was told to expect six to eight weeks for the delivery, but now it's been closer to twelve or thirteen, and my package still hasn't arrived yet. I live in Western New York, and I see that the package arrived at JFK and cleared customs 4 days ago but for some reason it had to come through Ohio via DHL and then to the postal service to be delivered with my normal mail. This makes little to no sense since DHL could very easily deliver directly to me. I'm not going to blame the company that chose this horrible logistics provider, although I will be leaving a separate review on their site regarding the shipping. Potential customers of this company should be forewarned - they're very inefficient and disorganized and you should probably source your logistics to a more mature company.

    • August 04, 2019

      Really bad it been almost 1 week and they haven't sent my items they almost a week to respond ( send like 10 emails no respond )

    • July 08, 2019

      Would continue to use this service!