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    • November 06, 2019

      Don’t trust any of the other reviews here. This company is corrupt, and unreliable. They refuse to scan your packages and lie to your face about never having received the package. Their customer support is so bad that even the bot they have that answers you doesn’t want to talk to you. If asks for your tracking number and you get 5 digits in and it immediately sends you to somewhere else, where you will be told that The package is in processing, they never recieved the package, and refuse to check their storehouse for your package. Stating: We are only allowed to check the system and status updates. Sounds like they aren’t even a shipping company, Just stick to the USPS or UPS, because you’ll have a better chance of receiving your package through them.

    • April 01, 2019

      I have used it to ship my item several times, and I can get a good experience each time.

    • April 01, 2019

      I want to return the package to my seller, and it helps me, thanks!