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    • May 06, 2021

      They offer a package insurance for 4% of the sum insured in the normal version of packlink. If you create a pro account, this insurance costs 1% of the sum insured. That is a substantial difference. But that is not the reason for my criticism. If a parcel is lost, which unfortunately often happens with packlink, they refund the insured value within 5 days according to their own condition. Unfortunately, I have had to come to the conclusion that even after 5 months of a lost parcel, packlink does not want to refund the insured amount of 150 euros because we could not state the weight of each individual item in the parcel. We could only state the total weight of the package, and we had proof that the courier had come to pick up the package. According to packlink, this is not enough to return the lost parcel. They want photos of the package before sending it. Nowhere in the conditions is it mentioned that you have to take photos of everything. They want invoices of everything that was in the package. They want to know the dimensions of each item in the package and the weight of each item. In the meantime, I am already busy for 3 whole days to arrange everything according to their wishes in order to get a refund of 150 euros. Every time there is a different reason why they don't pay. So think carefully before you send something insured through packlink, because if the parcel is lost, you get nothing back.

    • May 04, 2021

      After two months they took money out of my bank account for a parcel that was supposed to be oversized. No warning, no emails nothing. They asked me for photographs of the parcel I sent against a rule and on weighing scales, despite sending it two months earlier. Lots of people with same problem. EBAY should be ashamed using such a dodgy company.

    • April 27, 2021

      DO NOT USE THESE CON ARTISTS, THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY BY CHARGING FOR ALLEGED OVERWEIGHT PARCELS Please do not use Packlink, I have been using them for a long time now and have over this time had a few overweight charges, I couldn’t do anything about it in the past as I just presumed I must have made a mistake, so I started double checking the weight of my parcels, the last one was a new item that weighed 281grams, the bag it was posted in weighs 8 grams and a piece of paper which was a couple of grams, i sent the parcel as usual and a few weeks later received an email saying my parcel was overweight, in fact they said it weighed 1.5kg, this is absolutely impossible unless someone had filled the bag with water, I tried to dispute this extra charge and even sent them a link with the manufacturers weights and dimensions but it fell on deaf ears, they just kept saying you need to send pictures of the parcel on a scale with a ruler next to it, who in their right mind would ever think to take a photo of every single parcel they send out just incase they made a mistake, Ask them for proof the parcel is overweight and they say Hermes don’t take photos of the parcels weight or dimensions, yet they expect us to, It now figures that Packlink make their money from overcharging, don’t believe me well google it and find out how many other people this happens to, from small sellers to large companies it’s happening all the time, once too many for me so that’s it I’d rather use Hermes direct, I only started using Packlink because it used all your details through eBay and saved typing it all out, well I’ve found out Hermes actually links to eBay and does the same, I’ve used Hermes for years and never ever had an overweight charge, Packlink are absolute daylight robbers and should be ashamed of what they are doing to people, they know what they are up to but no doubt will reply to this review and lie through their teeth with some scripted rubbish just like their scripted lying replies to our emails, Let’s fight back and not let them get away with this, just save yourself the hassle and go direct.

    • April 09, 2021


    • March 18, 2021

      Wish I could give them -5 stars as it's the worst company to deal with non-existent customer service. Total disgrace, avoid at all costs !!! Happy to take you money and give absolutely nothing back !!! Why would eBay partner with people like that is beyond me.

    • December 15, 2020

      Worst experience ever!! do not book any delivery with packlink as they are completely carless and won't help you at all if there is any issue. I booked a delivery option for my parcel to arrive last Friday 11th of December the latest, it was supposed to arrive in 3 days and 7 days was the maximum waiting time,Ii paid extra for this as there were other delivery options with the parcel arriving in 10 days that were half price. Last Friday my parcel was stopped so I contacted packlink in the morning to know what was happening and when it will be delivered. After ages waiting in the chat I was told that they will contact the company and get back to me. After 5 days I haven't heard anything from packlink. I've checked everyday with them in the chat and no one has been able to tell me where my parcel was and when it would be delivered. I had to call the delivery company myself to find my parcel and open a case for it to be delivered to my home! Basically I had to do packlink's work. In the meantime packlink has done nothing, they didn't even contacted TNT last Friday as they advised they would do. I have submitted 3 claims and I am still waiting for answer too after 5 days. There is no way to talk with a manager and there is no phone available, which make it harder to reach them and in the chat when you ask for explanation about what happen and about the delays the assistant just leave the chat. If you don't want to be stressed and worried for days do not use this company.

    • November 19, 2020


    • November 17, 2020

      It is quite sad when someone needs to turn to these sites as the last hope that something happens if you pour out all your disappointment about a service company. I am losing the last drops of hope to ever receive anything from my two big luggage with was full of personal and sentimental items. Shame on this company I don't think they even bothered to try to find it at all. Maybe everything got stolen in the first half an hour, not sure what to think about the whole case any more after three months.

    • November 16, 2020

      A month after I received my parcel Packlink charged me an additional £160 as they say that my parcel was bigger and heavier than what I paid for. The only way to prove them wrong is to send them pictures of the measurements and weight of my parcel, which obviously was not possible for me to prove after a month of receiving the parcel. very disappointed, I will never use their services again

    • October 21, 2020

      Communication with Packlink is more or less impossible. Not possible to actually speak to someone. I was referred to Hermes who then referred me back to Packlink. Consumers nightmare. I have used Hermes independently of Packlink and they have been good but this collaboration with Packlink Is just shockingly bad. Ebay beware, you promote Packlink but I will not buy from sellers using Packlink delivery service. I would give zero stars if possible.