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    • January 15, 2020

      LP00158063746835 A Packages still not arrived almost 2 months no contact number of that courier. pls help

    • January 14, 2020

      LVS1006000000954120 Paquete no recibido , el vendedor cierra disputa sin solución, el dice que el paquete lo habéis entregado y no es cierto. Me siento engañada.

    • January 14, 2020

      It cancelled my order after weeks of waiting for no reason. Contacted the seller, they told me that Cainiao said the address is no valid? What a load of no sense, tried to call, can't even get through. Its a horrible experience, especially when you so looking forward to receive the item, its a big disappointment. I wonder why seller keep using them if their orders are being cancelled by Cainiao. Don't use them.

    • January 13, 2020

      S00000090630770 - wait almost 2 months and haven't received, it's too long time.

    • January 08, 2020


Tracking your Cainiao Super Economy packages, shipments with tracking number

Cainiao, also called Aliexpress, provides new package economy delivery service is called Cainiao Super Economy. And nowadays, Global Cainiao is cooperating with many cross-border logistics companies which include Yanwen, 4PX, Singapore Post, China Post, Zto Express, EMS, Parcelforce, and the express and logistics service covers more than 200 countries, has over 220 oversea warehousings, These useful conditions make it well-known in the world.

Some descriptions are to show the status of “Waiting for Picking-up in Cainiao Super Economy

  • Awaiting Collection
  • A delivery attempt was made
  • Try to contact by telephone to arrange for delivery
  • Try to contact by telephone to arrange for delivery to the address
  • Waiting for withdrawal
  • First Notification to the recipient
  • Noticed
  • A reminder has been sent to the recipient

Which countries does Cainiao Super Economy support?

Global Cainiao logistics is used in over 200 countries, there are some countries followed
1. Europe
Germany; Greece; Norway; Denmark; United Kingdom

2. America
Canada; Greenland; Nicaragua; Netherlands Antilles

3. Africa
Tanzania; Rwanda; Morocco; Togo

4. Oceania
New Zealand; Vanuatu; Papua New Guinea; New Caledonia

5. Asia
Korea; Singapore; Cambodia; Afghanistan

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